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Common questions:

What is the purchasing process?✨

To make a purchase, simply follow these steps:

  • Ensure you select the specific model or color by checking the code (number) provided in the product photos.
  • Enter the AliExpress link of the product you’ve selected.
  • Choose your preferred option on the AliExpress link. 

Rest assured, you’ll receive the exact product as depicted in the photos.🤍

What is a hidden link?

In AliExpress, sellers who aren’t the brand itself cannot display branded product images. As a result, you may come across “hidden links” on AliExpress, which are widely recognized and considered safe worldwide. These links facilitate the purchase of millions of branded goods every day.

What about the price?✨ 

The pricing is set by AliExpress and may fluctuate depending on the current exchange rate of the dollar. However, rest assured that you’re still getting the best deal 😊.

Size Chart?✨ 

For items available in various sizes, such as clothing and shoes, you can refer to the product’s sizing chart, which is visible in the images.

“This item is unavailable”:✨ 

When you encounter this message on the AliExpress link, it indicates that the specific item is out of stock. Please note that luxury goods like these are often limited in stock. However, there’s no need to worry, as our website provides over 2,500 AliExpress links to branded products.





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